How It Works

Drive An Exemplary Accident Replacement Hire Car While Yours Is Being Repaired

If you have been involved in an accident and are not at fault, you are legally entitled to an accident replacement vehicle of equal or similar value for the duration of your timely repairs.

Simply have your vehicle towed or driven to one of our approved smash repairers, or any smash repairer of your choice, and we will provide a vehicle to any location that suits you.

We will be in contact with your chosen smash repairer to ensure you are back in your vehicle as soon as possible.

In order to make the process simple for our clients, a preferred law firm will handle the process ofrecovering the cost of the hire from the at-fault party.

Please contact us today to organise the replacement vehicle of your choice.

Accredited Repairers

  • Luxury Auto Body

  • Stylefinish Auto Body

  • Carpenters Body Works

  • Sheen Group